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 Grapplers Guide

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PostSubject: Grapplers Guide   Thu Jul 03, 2008 3:58 am

I signed up to this site a while ago, costs about $11.40 so pretty cheap.

The site includes tons of videos of techniques both GI and no-GI, and not just submissions like you get on some sites it covers sweeps and refinements in many positions. One of my favorite videos is on breaking grips from all positions including spider guard. It also has 'video analysis' watching the top pros in the game do their stuff then going through it breaking down their game.

There are also articals on various aspects of the game like 'import things to remember in the closed guard'. It's reguarly updated with new stuff and I'm always impressed with the topics they choose.

There is a ton of resource here and I've still not got through all of it. I highly recommend at least having a look.


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Grapplers Guide
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