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 beatings in Canada!

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PostSubject: beatings in Canada!   Thu Oct 16, 2008 3:19 pm

No I haven't abandoned you! I have just been, busy... It's been 2 weeks since i hit the mats, and i felt it last night... At Toronto bjj! oh yeah. I have been living on beer and burgers since i got here and i think most of it got soaked up by everyone elses rash guard last night. Got my compusory beats off the instuctor Jorges, a black belt brazillian guy who is really friendly, but evryone was disappointingly nice! Went to the sbwrstlin class as am still gi-less so no real idea as to waht belts were floating about, but rolled with some good guys. The session was only an hour, but you can do another session before or after of takedowns, bjj, judo mma etc, the gym is pretty cool, its on 2 levels with a ring, cage, weights room+showers, which was nice cos i was hummin. Lots of space out here so i think most of the gyms are gonna be pretty massive. gits. Back on the wagon now so hopefully getting some training in! There are a couple of other places to check out when i am with-gi.
Bad luck Tim!! sure you was robbed.
hang loose!
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beatings in Canada!
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