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 The responsibility of the bjj instructor

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Brown Belt
Brown Belt

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PostSubject: The responsibility of the bjj instructor   Fri Aug 21, 2009 4:27 am

I nicked this off another forum, but its scarily close to the truth. Ric, don't kill me

frens here is truth

1. for make sure if bodybuilder or wrestle guy come he gonna get smash by purple belt

2. teach whatever part of game he feel is good for him at that time like maybe 50/50 guarde right now new guys they gonna hav learn to

3. if has any student who is from his state they gonna get extra nice treatment an have big hexplanation for each technique

4. if guy he ask question he gonna be told 'you gotta move you hibs fren'

5. if blue belt he ask for rest he gonna be put with beginners for spar for nex six month for sure

6. if professor roll with guy an arm bar him he gonna hold arm for student very tight after like he hold together for fix an then rub an say 'fren it gonna be ok' an tell white belt for get cold spray

7. if student don't show promise he gonna say 'my fren maybe jiu jitsu it not for you'

8. if girl come train if she pretty he gonna fall in love immediate like puppy an no one can talk with her

9. if big party on he not gonna be at academie,blue belt gonna take class hinstead

10. most himportant part.if ref he try rob you at comptition your professor he gonna try kill ref an forever gonna hate that guy an always always be on your side even if you do something bad.

that the illeagle hesponsibilitie of hacademie professor frens,why you guys wanna change what happen for many years?
is true jiu jitsu frens
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PostSubject: Re: The responsibility of the bjj instructor   Mon Aug 24, 2009 6:11 am

LOL that seems pretty accurate, especially the bit about girls and parties.
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The responsibility of the bjj instructor
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